Age: Is it just a number?

Well it’s certainly a number that’s beginning to show on my face lately.

I’ve always been fortunate (Or so I’m told) to look younger than my actual years.

The last notable time I was asked to produce ID was in December 2014 at a restaurant and bar in Manchester. Gladly I obliged and the bouncer was fairly shocked at my D.O.B. I’m not sure his reaction actually warrants how old I might actually look vs my real age. But hey, there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

Over the last few months though I have started to notice the appearance of dreaded wrinkles around my eyes and I appear to be forming lines around my nose and cheek. This may not be completely visible to other people, but the one person that it matters to, me, they are very visible!

Generally speaking I eat well; lots of salads, vegetables, oily fish etc. My biggest let down in my sweet tooth. I adore cake! But with the amount of time I spend on my own in the evenings due to Mr.S’s job, I’ve noticed a bigger inclination to reach for a sweet treat when the boredom starts to kick in. which coincides with the time line of my newly ageing face.

Of course I know that ageing is a process that can’t be stopped but I’m not happy with how rapidly it has appeared on my once youthful face. If I hadn’t had to contend with grey hairs from the age of 18 I may be a little more relaxed about the situation.

So this morning I made a deal with myself, that I would cut down on the treats and the extra sugar. In the vain hope that I might put some youth and vitality back onto my face.

I’m going to cut out the 1 sugar I have with my cup of tea (This decision pained me a lot, but I have been successful for all of 6 hours with this so far) and I won’t snack on sweet treats when I am home alone anymore.

Instead I am going to bulk make smoothies for when I get the craving for something sweet and this should help to keep me satisfied (any other tips welcome).
I was successful in giving up chocolate for lent for 40 days this year so I am hoping I am able to apply the same will power and determination to this experiment. ageing

I will keep you updated on if I notice any improvements in my skin in about 1 months time.

In the meantime wish me luck and let me know if you have any beauty tips for keeping your skin looking youthful and stress free.



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  1. I think it’s in our souls and actions


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