Style – New Season Pyjama’s



Francesca is going through a growth spurt which means I can now dress her in shiny new clothes. Hurrah!

Even more exciting than that is I can dress her in new PJ’s. Double hurrah!

Because whilst I adore shiny new daytime dresses, pretty pastel leggings and vintage cardigans, I am more than aware that I am dressing a toddler who likes to rub food in her hair, pick her nose and wipe it on me if I’m close enough or on her own clothes, who constantly falls over scuffing her shoes in the process and somehow manages to pick up dirt and dust from the 7 corners of the world covering her entire outfit in a layer of filth.

She doesn’t finish the day looking how she started it.

The beauty of the pyjama is that you can put your freshly bathed, sweet smelling, lotioned baby into immaculately, clean and crisp pyjamas. And there is a minimal risk to the outfit being ruined.*

*Excluding illness and nappy accidents but we’re looking on the brightside here.

When discussing Pyjama’s with other parents ( I take my pyjama’s seriously) I was saddened to find I was the only one who changes Pyjama’s every night.

It’s like an obsession. A legal high.

I just can’t get enough of that fresh and clean look…..I digress.

So I am more than pleased that I am able to start dressing her in these 3 new pairs of Pyjama’s I have been storing for Francesca.



The White pair are from The Little White Company which I bought in the sale for £14. The material is lovely and soft and has little dancers printed on it.

The 2 pink pairs came as a set from Morrison’s Nutmeg range which I bought for £5. While the fabric isn’t quite as soft as the others, they are good quality and I have found in the past, that they wash quite well without fading.

Do you have a pyjama obsession or a go to brand that you adore? Let me know.

I’m off to scour some more pyjama’s………


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