Balance Me Face balm – Beauty review


Loyal is definitely a word you can use to describe me. I’ll be there for you in your hour of need and will always stick by my friends and family.

A good example of how loyal I am is my 10 year dedication to St.Ives face wash.

st ives
Sadly we’ve gone our separate ways. But left on a good note.


I can’t quite remember how I first came across St.Ives but I have always used this as part of my skincare regime. Even when I lived abroad I would make sure I packed enough to see me through my time away from the UK.

My loyalty has now been tested, so maybe there is a fickle person inside of me bursting to get out.
It is a part of me that I am going to indulge in though, as it has led me to a wonderful new discovery.


balance me  - face wash

I had bought a magazine not too long ago and inside there was a free sample of the ‘Balance me Cleanse and smooth Face Balm’.

I didn’t use it straight away as I still had my trusty St.Ives face wash to use and I have a rule that I will completely finish a product before opening new one (OCD maybe?!).

However about 4 weeks ago I came to the end of the bottle of St.Ives and moved on to the new Balance me product. I was dubious at first, it’s not like my usual routine of splashing my face with warm water, applying the product and scrubbing my face.

With this face balm you apply to a dry face and massage it in. As the name suggests it is a balm, so there is no soft fluidity as you may find with other face washes or face masks, it’s feels exactly like lip balm so it doesn’t just glide onto the face.
You do feel the exfoliator in it, which for me is something I like when cleaning my face as I really feel like it is getting a good scrub. The exfoliator which you can feel is actually oatmeal powder.

Once you have completed this step you remove the product with a cotton cloth and warm water.
When you actually buy the product it comes with a muslin cloth for you to remove the face balm. Luckily I have many, many muslin clothes at my disposal thanks to my youngest child.

After I had washed the face balm off, I felt my skin and it didn’t feel as if I had washed all the product off at first. It felt like I still had a layer of the balm on me. It took a few days to get used to this whilst washing my face.

After only a few days I could see that my face was much brighter and my skin was starting to break out also. This is a good sign, as you know that the product is working and removing the dirt effectively (I am prone to breakouts normally).

4 weeks on and my face is much softer, brighter and clearer than it has been in a long time. This product is great for cleansing and really does leave you with a lovely bright and clear complexion.

There is a natural odour to it, but it’s not offensive and if you use natural products already, then you will be familiar with this scent. This is another plus point for this Balance me product. It has 100% natural ingredients with no nasty chemicals. And it is also made in the UK, another plus point if you like to support home grown companies.

So Balance me has now found a permanent home in my bathroom and I have already ordered a tube for myself online. I won’t forget about St.Ives and our journey together but it’s definitely time for a new chapter with my Balance me cleanse and smooth face balm.


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