7 Minute workout – Update

So I began the 7 Minute workout challenge on the 1st February and up to date I have completed it 11 times. Up until the 14th February I had completed 7 of these workouts on a 1 circuit rotation. Then I felt it was time to push myself with the workout, so since then I have been completing the circuit twice.

Although I could feel myself ready to move up and complete the challenge for 14 minutes over 2 circuits, I definitely underestimated how easy it would be.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are much more difficult workouts than this and that last for much longer, but you also can’t underestimate how much this really does push you. I think I will stick with the 2 circuit routine for probably another week before I attempt to move up and try completing the circuit 3 times.

I must add though, that I began these workouts in the morning before I had a chance to eat breakfast, so I may find it easier with some substance in me before completing them and I wouldn’t recommend that you workout with no fuel inside you.

I have seen a vast improvement in my execution of these individual workouts and my stamina is definitely improving.


wall sit

I am able to sit lower now when doing the wall sit. When I started out I found it tough and I know that I wasn’t as low down as I should have been, but within the 11 workouts I have completed I am able to sit at the correct position now.

push ups

Upper arm strength is not really a strong point of mine. So although I tried at first to do the push up as it is intended, I must admit that I actually use the technique where you tuck your knees together and push up from that position, as I really struggle to execute this move as it should be in the original position. I am trying though and I have seen a slight improvement.
You need to use this position in 2 of the workouts in this challenge; 1 for push ups and 1 for push ups with rotation.

Squats and lunges are something I have always regularly done, so this wasn’t so much of a challenge to me, although there is always room for improvement.

I have seen a definite improvement with weight loss just from this workout alone. My diet hasn’t changed since I started and I haven’t been doing any other workout alongside it.

However this is going to change. As I have mentioned in a previous post, I used to dance professionally and was also part of an athletics club, so as you can imagine my muscle shape can become athletic especially in my thighs.

My thigh muscle is something which I have found to become slightly more defined than I personally like on myself, so I will go back to incorporating my ballet and Pilates workouts to give my legs a more long and lean look.

I have to say this app is shaping up to be the best £1.49 I have spent on anything and I am only 11 workouts in.


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