Beauty – Diorskin Primer.


I first tried the CC Airflash Primer last year. It was about 6 weeks after having my second daughter Francesca and my skin was looking very dull. You know the look of sheer utter exhaustion and where the bags under your eyes droop all the way to your chin.

I needed to take action, drastic action.

An article in Vogue pointed me in the direction of the Dior Primer with a glowing review and that was all I needed. Sold!

Off I wearily trotted to Selfridges and I made a beeline for the Dior beauty counter. My eyes lit up as I stepped closer to my beacon of hope. I was mere feet away from the miracle bottle that would breath light into my weary looking face.

I think the sales consultant could sense a sale was in the air as I edged closer to her. The desperation must have been seeping out of me. She knew I was a sure thing.

As she handed me my lovely gift wrapped bag which contained, what I had built up to be a miracle in a can I could instantly feel light radiating from my face. I was going to look half human again! Yay! And I couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.

dior bag

Was it as good as I had hoped?

Yes it really was.

All to often I have bought products which have had a better write up than I think they have deserved. But this really gave me a lovely finish.

Now as a primer it’s job is to go on before you add your foundation, and to add to a more flawless complexion. It is also a CC primer, which if you aren’t really a beauty aficionado stands for Colour Correcting. Which helps to even out your skin tone.

You spray the liquid onto your face evenly, I would suggest a good few centimetres away. It has a lovely scent too it, it’s vey fresh smelling and it comes out evenly. I actually find it quite therapeutic to spray on, as it’s very light.

You don’t need to spray too much on and I think that is something I need to practice myself as I can get quite carried away.

Overall this prime gave my skin a lovely dewy finish and it covered any slight blemishes on my skin, making it appear more even.

When I was using the primer in the early months of Francesca being a baby, I didn’t even bother to use a foundation over it, as most of the time I was pushed for time and beauty, at that stage wasn’t such a high priority.

It cost me £30 to buy from Selfridge’s, and looking online at other retailers, that seems to be the average price. Which for the coverage it gives is definitely a sound investment, especially for tired looking faces who need a quick fresh look.

The only downside for me is that I think it runs out fairly quickly, but as mentioned earlier that may be more to do with how much I spray.

It’s certainly become a staple beauty product for me now.



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