7 Minute Workout Challenge

Continuing on my quest to shift the rest of the weight I gained during my second pregnancy, I have come across a great app on my phone. It called the 7 Minute Workout Challenge and it cost £1.49 to download.

Now don’t let the fact that it is only 7 minutes, to allow you to think ‘What good can 7 minutes do?’.
I attempted it for the first time 2 nights ago and I only did one round of the workout and my heart rate was most definitely raised and it sure left me panting for breath.

This particular workout has been devised by scientists and it is thought that these 12 exercises which you complete within the 7 minutes is as effective as an hour long workout.

Although it is deemed a 7 minute workout the researchers recommend completing the circuits 2-1 times if time allows you to do so for the most beneficial results. However on the 2 occasions that I have done this workout I have only stuck to the 7 minutes each time and both times I have still felt like I have achieved something.

When I worked out with my Personal Trainer ( the last time was back in 2013) these are the exercises that I completed with him, although I would do a 40 second workout with a 20 second rest before starting the next exercise and it lasted a whole hour! So I am glad to have discovered that it is just as effective to only have to complete the circuit twice!

There are 12 workouts to complete:

1 – Jumping jacks
2 – Wall sit
3 – Push-ups
4 – Abdominal crunch
5 – Chair step-ups
6 – Squats
7 – Chair triceps dips
8 – Plank
9 – High knee running in place
10 – Lunges
11 – Push-ups with rotation
12 – Side planks

You complete each of these for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. The app counts you in and lets you knew what exercise is coming up next. You can choose how many cycles you wish to complete from either 1 – 9 and it also gives you the option of showing a static picture of the exercise, written instructions or video of someone completing the exercise as a guide. This can definitely come in handy for people who are unsure exactly how they should execute each move.

There is also a calendar which tracks your progress and rewards are offered for things such as the first time you complete the workout, if you complete the routine 4 days in a row and an early morning workout session. That is just a few of the reasons. As you continue to unlock these rewards it lets you unlock bonus material, which is something I haven’t got as far yet, but I do hope to get there soon.

Overall, I definitely recommend this app, it is great value for money and you can either add it to your existing workout routine or if you struggle to fit in time to exercise then It is a perfect motivator for you. I really don’t think it is hard to make room in your day for even just one cycle of this routine, I’m positive that everyone has 7 minutes to spare!


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