• Keeping fit and exercising has always been a part of my life. I danced from age 7 and continued professionally until about 5 years ago.  Long distance running was also something that came naturally to me and I ran for my local club competing until the age of 16.

I’ve always kept up with my dance classes, visits to the gym and seeing a Personal Trainer.  However when I was pregnant with my youngest in 2013, I stopped my PT sessions as it was very intense and I fainted after one session.

After that I trickled off from my usual exercise routine and I gained the most weight I have ever put on towards the end of the pregnancy. At the time I didn’t really notice it, and even after the birth I was just too tired and busy to really care.

I had my first night out planned with a friend in January last year, so about 8 weeks after I had given birth I went for a meal with my friend.

I  didn’t have anything that would fit me anymore, so I went shopping and bought a pair of size 12 jeans a size 14 top. I  tried them on in the shop and just decided they would have to do, as I was finding it quite difficult to know what to wear.

It may seem trivial if you have never had this happen to you, but with me usually being a size 8/10 I was struggling with understanding the best way to dress myself and still look ok.

Admittedly I didn’t immediately jump back into exercise or dance even with how unhappy I had been.  I was a lot more relaxed day to day with my appearance and in hindsight maybe because my social life had taken a back seat it just didn’t seem that important to me. Healthy eating was never the issue it was the exercising to shift the weight that was the issue.

Month by month I was noticing small changes to my body and I did attempt to try some form of exercise, even if it was just a walk around the park with the family.  But it was in November last year, just a week after Francesca’s that I decided to really kick start the exercise and blitz the belly that I no longer recognised.

Great in theory but my word I was unfit and not at all flexible.  This was a very alien feeling to me.  I used to pride myself on my stretchy and bendy moves and now I couldn’t even make my hands meet behind my back without a struggle.

I decided to turn to YouTube as it’s hard for me to get out and go to dance classes and the gym these days as my other half works a lot.

I started off just doing 10 minute workouts, but don’t scoff or underestimate 10 minutes of a solid workout. Within 2 weeks, my friend couldn’t believe the difference in me from my daily 10 minute workouts.

I did increase this to 20 minutes and would change between high intensity workouts and ballet workouts.

Below is a video of which I found really useful and great for cardio.  I think it is the right mix of cardio and resistance training .

So if you like me are looking to lose weight and/or tone up and find it difficult to do a long stretch of exercise, then I highly recommend the 10 minute workouts.



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