The Color Run – Manchester

The Color run first came to my attention 2 years ago. My younger sister, who is not the most enthusiastic athlete you will meet, told me she was doing a race that year.

She’d caught my attention, so I listened intently to just exactly what it was that she had signed herself up for. I knew it couldn’t be just a straight forward run, I knew my sister.

She went on to explain that paint was thrown at you, as you ran around the course. In my head I pictured people on the side lines armed with paint guns ready to pelt at a moments notice. I was intrigued and I considered tagging along with her.

Two things went against me though, I was heavily pregnant and the race was now closed to new entrants.

Oh well, I thought.

The following year on a walk around Heaton Park with the girls, we stumbled upon an event, which happened to be the Color Run and O, raced off to get a better look. She wanted to join in there and then, so she was disappointed when I told her it didn’t work like that.

When we got home I looked online to get more information about the race, which you can find here I signed up for the registration email and sat back and waited to hear when we could take part.

Which takes us to today when we received a VIP email notifying me that registration was now open. I registered immediately as I have heard that places can fill up quite quickly and I didn’t want to disappoint O.

It’s a great experience for us both to be able to do together and a couple of my other mum friends are registering with their daughters too, so it’s sure to be a memorable day.

Children 5 and under don’t have to register and can race for free, all ages above have to be registered.

The race cost £30.99 and this includes the postage fee, for which they use to send out your t-shirt which is included in the fee. No sponsorship has to be raised as this is also included in the £30.99 fee you are paying.

Just to clear up that there are not people on the side lines with paint guns waiting to pelt you. The colour is a powder and you are given a bag in your race kit and throughout the race people throw it at you.

If you want a different type of event to enjoy with your children and family then you should take a look and register. It’s a great healthy and fun activity.

I’ll let you know how we get on in July after the race.


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