Local days out – Clifton Country Park.


I love living in Manchester. It’s not where I’m from originally. I hail from Tipperary, Ireland but my Mother decided to leave when I was young and Manchester is where we ended up as she had a brother living here.

Occasionally my mind wonders and I often think how different my life would have been if I would have been raised in Ireland rather than Manchester. As it stands I’m much more of city lover than a country lover for my day to day living, but the countryside does have its appeal.

I do feel lucky to live in such an amazing city, it has lots to offer and I’ve got great friends here.

The town that I live in is close to many tourist attractions and parks so I’m never really short of ideas for family trips.

Today, we  choose to go to Clifton Country park for a walk around the lake, through the woodland and to feed the ducks, geese and swans.

I wanted something that wasn’t going to hype up my 5yr old O, as she has had so much excitement over the Christmas break that she is very emotional (i.e. wells up at any given opportunity) at the moment.

Mr.S came with us today, as he had a day off. He works in hospitality so seeing him over Christmas is a rare sight.

Fresh air and a leisurely walk is what the family needed today.

It’s nice to do simple things like this with the family: financially it’s exceptional value for money.  We had eaten lunch before we set off so all we paid for was the loaf of bread and petrol cost.

F, was due her nap so we pushed her around in the pram, while  O & I raced against each other or rather I might have just power walked. O definitely put me to shame, my defence however is that wellington boots are not made for running in. Plus I also felt like I had sprained my ankle. The cause – Wellington boots or age is your call though.

Collecting stones and rocks to throw off the bridge into the reservoir was another activity we did. It doesn’t always take material things to show your children a good time.

Going to the park and woods is definitely in the top 5 of things we do together as a family. It’s a great way to spend time together , keep fit and encourage the use of your children’s imagination.


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