I took F for her 1 year immunisations the other week.  We are pro immunisations in this family, so we dutifully go along to the appointments.

It’s always heart breaking when your child lets out a cry when the needle goes in, but we know that it is for the right reasons and it will help to protect our children give them a greater chance of fighting of an infectious disease.


So at our latest appointment I sat down with the nurse and she started to read out the mandatory questions;

“Does she suffer from any allergies?”

Yes, F is allergic to eggs.  She has had a reaction from egg in their pure form and when they are used as an added ingredient. Her face starts to show red patches and spots appear all around her mouth and under her chin. If you keep exposing a child to something which they have an allergy for then the risks increase each time.

So naturally I hesitated when the nurse informed me about this. She did her best to reassure me and brought up some case studies from the WHO ( World Health Organisation)  website.  The nurse also advised me that it used to be standard procedure to refer patients with allergies to eggs before giving the immunisation, however this has now changed as there was very few cases where patients proved to have a reaction.

Even with this in mind, I declined the immunisation that day. F still had her other immunisations but I choose to book an appointment with the Dr first to have her allergy tested and see how sever it is before I go ahead and let her have it.

On the day I listened to my instincts, all of which told me not to go ahead with it, I trust them and believe you should listen to what they tell you. They may not always be right, but it wasn’t a chance I was willing to take that day.

So although we are pro immunisations and I am a believer that all children should be immunised, I also believe  that you should do your own research and read up on medical journals and speak to medical professionals if you have any concerns regarding your child’s immunisations.


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